Through interactive job readiness workshops,  Career Management Consulting will provide the necessary tools to support Educational Institutions and the students prior to graduation, Learnership and Graduate Programmes to make the job search process more effective, productive and faster.

Young individuals, be it leaving school, graduating from college or university or even exiting a Learnership or Graduate Programme, often lack the guidance, basic knowledge or skills to effectively enter the job market. Career Management Consulting offers the necessary support to focus on developmental areas.  The job readiness workshops are designed to help increase employability.

“Job Readiness is ‘training’ an individual to prepare them to seek or obtain employment, and to keep their jobs once they are hired.”

Our Approach

We offer interactive workshops.


The Graduate workshops are designed to assist with increasing employability through practical sessions, highlighting best practices and sharing market insights & trends.

What we offer

Through consultation, we will scope the requirements and developmental areas selecting from the ‘basket’ of services to package a solution that meets your organisation and employee requirements.


  • What staying relevant means and how to remain relevant in a changing job market.

Job Seeker Resume

  • A practical ‘walk through’ of a Resume template.

Job Search Training

  • Job portals – key tips & insights to achieve effective results.
  • LinkedIn – we cover the importance of your LinkedIn profile
    “LinkedIn is where HR managers and recruiters are advertising or searching for candidates. It also gives the employee an opportunity to connect with a company or a person within that company directly.”
    Developing a Job Campaign Plan.

Social Media

  • Social Media behavior – why your professional behaviour in social media is so important.
  • Social media analytics.
    “Social media has the potential to cause immense and irrecoverable brand and reputational damage to organisations.”

Interview Preparation

  • Interview techniques, examples of what to expect and how to prepare.
    “Inter­views are an employee’s way of impress­ing an unknown hiring manager. It is important to prepare for an interview, no mat­ter what the posi­tion or level.”

A job readiness package, tailored to meet your requirements.

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